Today I was able to hang out with some of my church friends and today was really fun. First we went to our church and just chilled for a bit, then we headed to Mira Mesa for this open mic night at one of our friend churches. But before that a couple of us stopped by Chick Fil-A and dawg the spicy chicken sandwich is super bomb(if it was cheaper I would totally eat it all the time) but like after that we finally get to the place and meet up with the others. Overall the whole thing was pretty chill even though I really hoped that the drinks would be good but they were ehh. Anyways to get to the reason why I wanted to post this. There is this guy named Austruk and he’s like a hella chill christian rapper and like his songs always mean a lot to me no matter what and I hella respect that, but this one song he did hit me super hard and I dont know if you follow me on twitter( if you dont you totally should xD Uncle_Neptune) but I posted this one line he says “Put a light in my heart, I’ll glow in the dark” and I don’t know why but this means a lot to me and just hearing it over and over again just sparked something in me and I couldn’t fight it. I know I haven’t been that much of a religious person but right now couldn’t have been any better for me to come back to it. I have really strayed away from the ways that God has showed me and the paths I should have taken and it’s really tearing me apart and I don’t know if I can go on, but I really appreciate that even though I haven’t been here they can still welcome me back with open arms. I’m sorry for making this should a huge post but I feel like I needed to say this.

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voting against gay marriage is like ordering a piece of cake at a restaurant and having a complete stranger be like “waiter, cancel that cake”

"waiter cancel that cake it’s ruining my cake and i don’t know how to explain it to my children"

"my dietbook said I can’t have cake so throw that guy’s cake away too."



i truly regret not watching this the first 100 times this was on my dash

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nothing will fuck you up as much as the realization that there’s no real reason the alphabet needs to be in order